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Application by NGO leaders to Receive Pro Bono Coaching Support

As part of APAC’s (Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches www.apacoaches.org) vision is to “bring the power of coaching to every workplace and community in the Asia Pacific region and to inspire new heights of human potential, achievement and creativity,” we have initiated pro bono coaching to support leaders in small-to-medium sized NGOs to increase the organizations’ effectiveness and thereby broaden the impact of coaching on the community at large.

Your application will go through a review process. Once the application is approved, the coachee will be matched with a professional coach, taking into consideration the preferences of the coachee. A coaching agreement, will be signed between the coach and coachee, which the coach will explain in more details during the first coaching session.

Please complete the form if you wish to apply for the pro bono coaching support.


About the Program Sponsor:

If yes, please complete the following:
About Coachee:
Notes::Some possible areas of coaching may include leadership effectiveness, work life balance, communication, interpersonal relationship, people management, etc. Be as specific as you can and focus on not more than 1 or 2 (max) coaching objectives.
Your Preference for a Coach:
We will assign a coach with appropriate coaching experience (usually at least 2 years or 100 coaching hours experience) who abides by professional coaching ethics. Depending on the coaches’ availability, the following information will be used to select a suitable coach as close to your preference as possible:


Thank you for your interest in coaching. For further questions or feedback, please email Gerald Colin Abeyawardena, APAC Community Relations Chair at gerald_abey@yahoo.co.uk.