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Woraphat Arthayukti

Woraphat Arthayukti
  • Coaching Specialties
    • Quality of Life/Well being coaching

  • Address
    84/1 Soi Rajakhru Paholyothin Road
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  • Educational
    BS, MS, Doctorate in Engineering
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    • Not Specified

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Additional Information

Woraphat is a retired executive from a US Energy corporation and took up coaching after his retirement by completing the CoachU program. He helped create the Singapore based Asia Pacific Coaching Alliance in 2007 and is a past president of that organization.


His current area of coaching interest is focused on Life Coaching as well as Mindfulness Coaching.


Woraphat is currently involved in a number of Foundations among which is the Bangkok-based Hornbill Research Foundation that helps preserve the magnificent but endangered Hornbills in Thailand’s forests. He is a student of the Thai Forest Tradition of Theravada Buddhism as well as a student of the mindfulness methods currently taught in the west and is weaving both approaches into a Mindfulness coaching module. After his retirement Woraphat became of Buddhist monk for a full rain season and was introduced to the basics of meditation in that forest monastery.


Woraphat has Engineering degrees from both the US and France and was a faculty member of Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok for several years before joining the management of a US Energy corporation.


Woraphat is fluent in Thai, English and French. His hobbies currently include writing. Woraphat lives in Bangkok, Thailand and can be reached at Woraphat.Arthayukti@gmail.com.