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Dr. K. Anne Dolly

Dr. K. Anne Dolly
  • Coaching Specialties
    • · Corporate/Executive Coaching
    • · Cross Cultural Coaching
    • · Executive Leadership Development
    • · Leadership Team Coaching
    • · People Management and Leadership Coaching
    • · Personal Effectiveness
    • · Project Management/Team Building Coaching
    • · Sounding-Board Coaching for Senior Leaders
    • · Women in Leadership Coaching

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  • Educational
    • 2017: Licensed Master Practitioner, NLP • 2007: Coach U Certification • 1996: PhD (Psychology)
  • Coaching Mode
    • · Face to Face
    • · Telephone
    • · Global Reach with Telephone

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Actualizing potential is my life purpose. I enable positive transformation in everyday life & business for individuals, teams and organizations that want more and are willing to commit themselves to walk the extra mile to attain it. I have a unique combination of Academic and Business Experience which helps me provide bespoke interventions that are deep, insightful, outcome oriented & reflect new and best practices across the spectrum of Individual and Organizational Development.

My corporate stint being ‘Glocal’ (Global & Local), I respect local values, celebrate diversity and ensure global standards as I strategically align individual, team and organization needs and priorities, facilitating improved business effectiveness. I have over 20 years' experience, working as a Senior Resource / Consultant in many organizations including the HSBC group, 3 Global Services (a Hutchison Whampoa Company), Tata Capital, & the Aditya Birla Group. My body of work includes Learning and Organizational Development, Employee Engagement, Performance Management, Talent Management and review. I specialise in multi-cultural work environments & my Industry experience spans geographies including London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia and the Philippines. I am experienced in administering and interpreting 360-degree feedback instruments & assisting executives and senior leadership teams in using 360 degree feedback to create organizational success profiles, career plans, leadership development plans and succession plans. 

As an Executive Coach, I help executives amplify natural strengths, appreciate limitations and understand organisation priorities to achieve personal fulfilment & professional success whilst exceeding organization goals and objectives.

As a leadership Coach, I help executives clarify their vision, value their journey, recognize their obstacles & own their power as they write their own narrative towards triumph.  


As a Life Coach, I help individuals expand self–awareness, build their self-worth and work towards ‘what could be’ rather than simply accepting ‘what is’ to create the life they desire.

As a Coach to women I help women accept themselves completely, appreciate their sexuality, share their vulnerabilities, express their needs, find their voice & reclaim their power from the shadows of the past to actualize their potential and advocate what is sacred to their heart and soul.