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Testimonials Teach For India 2015-2016

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Testimonials from Coachees:

“Haseena has been my coach for the past 6 months. Her coaching sessions have really transformed my life. The way that she makes you feel so comfortable during the sessions (which happened over Skype) is remarkable. She has helped me set a goal for myself and guided me in every step of the way to achieve it. She did an amazing job of helping me find my own solutions. By the end of our sessions I truly got to know myself much better and this has helped me tremendously in both my personal and professional life.”

Annie Sidotam (Teach For India Fellow 2014 - 16)


“The support I got through APAC Pro bono coaching was immense. The coaching helped me a lot in understanding my strengths and areas of development. It helped me in working towards my goal. My coach Nigel, helped me in dealing with my weaknesses and always encouraged me and gave me that courage to face the challenges. He helped me understand myself better, thereby giving me a chance to improve myself. I opted coaching so that I can be better at communicating with other people. Every aspect of the coaching was extremely useful to me. The sessions we had always left an impact on me and always will. Especially, the way he set some goals and expectations, like taking initiative in conversations, being an active member in group etc, helped me to work towards them. Especially, the conversations around how different people dealt with different situations made me think that change is possible in me. The support I received through different personality tests, articles etc helped me a lot. Initially I was a bit anxious, but slowly I opened up and it really worked well for me. I would highly recommend this coaching to others as there is a lot to gain from it. Thank you Nigel and APAC team”

Yodhini Bhavani (Teach For India Fellow 2015 - 17)

“Today I am still continuing the APAC coaching call with Puay and its has been the incredible. “A lot of times I told her that I had a great conversation with her clarifying my thoughts and building more confidence to articulate my opinions. Puay, I would like to appreciate you once again for the time you have spent with me. There has been a couple of time when we had to postpone our calls but you were always very patient and hopeful. I was confused between coaching and mentoring and I always wanted a mentor for myself than a coach, so initially I was very apprehensive but later I realized the importance of coaching, understood its long term impact. It is very inspirational and helped me reflect on my core experiences. There was a lot of time that you challenged my thinking, provoked my emotions, and left me with questions to introspect but all of that led to me being a better me today. To me you had own the program the same way like how I did. I actually felt every time that I was your close friend sharing my deepest secret with you without any fear or hesitation. Puay you asked me many insightful questions and gave me the time and space to think and allowed me to be myself completely. I never wanted to end the coaching call and hence I was keen on taking up the paid services, however I was shocked when you asked me to pay you in the form of multiplying impact. For me you truly are a rock star and would love to continue having those meaningful conversations with you developing the professional and personal me.”

Swarnava Gupta (Teach For India Fellow 2014 - 16)

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