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Welcome to Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches (APAC)


I am happy to welcome you to Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches (APAC), the coaching voice of the Asia Pacific Region!

We are a group of committed coaching practitioners and advocates working together to bring the power and value of coaching to every workplace and home, within the Region and beyond.

Coaching is regarded as a powerful development tool for helping people achieve their fullest potential, both personally and professionally. As a coach myself, I have personally witnessed positive results in my coaching clients –mostly behavioral changes in terms of achieving goals, leading oneself and others, building a highly engaged team, and creating an innovative and agile culture. Coaching indeed can impact transformation.

When I started my coaching practice in the 90’s, awareness of coaching was very low. Coaching was merely associated with athletic pursuits. Coaching then was under-utilized.  Today, coaching is present in almost all sectors of our society – business, non-profit, government, academe, religious, youth, etc.

Demand for coaching has grown tremendously over the years. In Asia Pacific, awareness of coaching has significantly increased. And I am proud to say that APAC, through its fit-for-purpose programs and well-designed initiatives, is one of the driving forces behind this heightened awareness and practice of coaching in the Region.  

APAC has gone a long way in becoming the coaching voice of Asia Pacific. And I thank our leaders and members who have been instrumental in keeping our vision, mission and core values alive. Since the founding of APAC in 2007 by Foo See Luan, we have achieved and have been achieving great success that reflects the true essence of our existence as an organization.

But we are not done yet. Individually and collectively, we have yet to set new heights as we continue our journey of igniting change and transformation in people and in communities through the power of coaching. Coaching is our gift. And through APAC we bring this gift to the world.

I invite you to partner, collaborate, and engage with us in bringing this gift of coaching to every workplace and home. Together, let’s create meaningful, enjoyable and powerful experiences of learning and growth for everyone. 

We can make a difference. We can bring out the innermost potential in ourselves and in others. Together, we can help create a better world and a better future.

Julius Ordonez, MCC
APAC President (2015-2017)

2016 AGM
Written by Catherine Eidens

Thank you very much for the members who joined the 2016 APAC AGM on Oct 19! 

For those who missed the AGM, please stay tuned for the messages from the founder of APAC, the President and the entired EXCO team.  Recording will be uploaded soon.  

In the meantime, please do not miss the inspring opening remarks from See Luan FooAPAC founder. 

In Apac,

we honour the past

we treasure the present

we shape the future

We honour the past because Apac was founded exactly 9 years ago. Next year, we celebrate our

10th anniversary.

We are grateful to Past Presidents and Past Excos for bringing us to where we are to-day.

We are a small but not insignificant in number, with about 190 members. However we punch way beyond our size and weight. We have demonstrated our ability to organize Coaching Conferences. We have done 3 , in 2010, 2012, and 2014.Our next one will be in May 2017 in Bangkok. Do come and join us.

We treasure our Present because we focus on "the here and now; this very moment "

By focusing and living in this very moment, we help ourselves to reach a higher state of BEING.

We in Apac highly value MINDFULNESS , so much so, that it has become a part of our 2017 Conference theme, " HARMONY AND MINDFULNESS FOR HUMANITY "

Our world is increasingly fast-changing, volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous and presents us with many challenges and issues. Embracing harmony and mindfulness as a way of life , is a modest and humble way to respond to the world.

We treasure our Present also because we have several achievements to share with you. Our Exco members will shortly share their respective achievements. We have much to cheer.

As Apac Founder, permit me to highlight 2 achievements :

1. The Council of Presidents, fondly referred to as CoP, comprising Past Presidents and Current President, is Apac's Brains Trust, a unique feature and strength of Apac that

distinguishes and separates Apac from other coaching organizations. CoP continues to

work very closely with Exco. Two CoP members, Julius and Lydia are President and First VP of Apac. Two other CoP members, Dr Woraphat and I are members of the

Nominations Committee, charged with identifying and recommending the new Exco ,

which will take office in October 2017.

The second achievement is that Apac constantly focus on Effectiveness and Efficiency. We have streamlined Exco from 17 to 12 members, becoming leaner, more cohesive and collaborative, and more team-oriented in the process.

We shape the Future because we are always on the look-out for new talent, which is

Apac's life –line, to ensure that Apac grows from strength to strength and that we continue

to be the Coaching Voice of the Asia Pacific Region.

We look for leaders who are blessed with good and strong character, who are wise and inspiring, who have a sense of humour and humility , who are team players and are community-oriented.

The great physicist and Nobel Laureate , Albert Einstein, once said " I never teach my pupils; I provide the conditions in which they want to learn " Learning from Einstein, Apac can provide an inviting environment in which people want to join Apac , because of what we stand for and who we are , namely

we ADD top talent

we SUBTRACT poor processes , systems and Practices

we MULTIPLY best practices

we DIVIDE the reward/credit

Apac can offer 2 benefits to its members, Success and Happiness. Success is helping members to get what they want; Happiness is helping members want what they got. For members to enjoy what they do and to feel that it counts when serving Apac and the community , what else can be more challenging, more fulfilling and more fun?

In conclusion, I would like to end on a high and inspiring note , with deep appreciation to George Bernard Shaw, an Irish playwright , for his influence on me :

Other coaching organizations see things as they are and ask WHY.

Apac see things that never were and ask WHY NOT.

That is our number 1 challenge and in rising to that challenge, Apac's golden years will be ahead. The best is yet to be.

Keep in mind what Margaret Mead , a cultural anthropologist , said " Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful and committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has"

Thank you for your kind attention.

See Luan