APAC Coaching Fiesta

We were at the finish line! Or so we thought when we welcomed 2021. Soon enough, we realized this was not a pause. It is also not the end; it is a beginning. As we undergo wave after wave of mutated strains of the virus, there is an answer we seek – How do we flourish from the beginning? How do we thrive at something that we are just beginning to appreciate? This year’s anniversary celebration is an exaltation of the beginning. It celebrates new ways of thinking, feeling, and being. It encourages us to innovate, traverse new paths to find joy, and flourish even though we have just woken up to a new world. Every moment is precious; we can use it to create our new selves and our new world. The aim is not to survive through the storm but to dance right through it!


APAC Coaching Fiesta 2021

After an exciting inaugural Fiesta last year, the 2021 version delved into “Flourishing amidst Ambiguity & Uncertainty”.

Thought provoking speakers weaved through how to thrive in a VUCA world using Multiple Intelligences, explored Coaching in the context of Chinese Philosophy, Language and Behaviour (LAB) profiling, Critical Team Coaching skills, Writing for Influence & Impact and even the “elusive” Happiness at Work.

Rounding up was an Indian couple who share their inspirational real life story of having their successful fashion design and retail consultancy brought to a halt by Covid and moving on to running a full-fledged cloud kitchen.

Flourishing amidst VUCA in action!

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Whenever we start anew, we start with the understanding that we need new learnings, insights, and paradigms because we are playing in a field that we have never played before and are coping with novel challenges.

The discussions and interactive sessions during the fiesta, with its APACian thrust, will accelerate the exploration of the unknown to come up with answers that will help us explore new horizons, awaken us to capabilities and potential that we have not tapped, and help us flourish no matter what walk of life we belong to. Whether a board member, leader, executive, influencer, or change-maker, this awakening is imperative to help us renew, to begin anew with a flourish.


  • DAY 1: Being creative and shifting paradigms in ways of thinking, feeling, and being to flourish and succeed
  • DAY 2: Creativity, innovation, and purpose in family and work paradigms fostering psychological safety, growth, success, and collective consciousness



  • It provides a space for coaches, leaders, HR specialists, people from all walks of life to network, build relationships, share experiences, discuss insights, and walk away bolder, seeing challenges as opportunities & set to make things happen
  • Covers ancient wisdom, applied thought, cutting edge tools and practices that will help coaches augment their tool kit, deepen their expertise, broaden their repertoire, and enhance their coaching mastery
  • Offers practical experience and wisdom on how organizations can balance human engagement, safety, and corporate culture along with remote working & automation
  • Research insights on the future of coaching in Asia Pacific and its implication for coaches to succeed and thrive in the new world


The sessions will include profound Asian thinkers and international speakers and panelists who have innovated to not only sustain but also thrive amongst challenges. The aim is to explore the unknown, open our eyes to opportunities, and go beyond possibilities to embrace our potential.

Who Should Attend

The event provides the opportunity and space to Coaches, Leaders in the Human Resources, Learning and Development and Business Leaders from across the globe to connect, engage, and share their knowledge and experiences. With a host of speakers from APAC and across the globe providing insightful and thought-provoking experiences, you CANNOT MISS this event.