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Pro Bono Coaching

As part of APAC’s vision to ” To bring the power and value of coaching to every workplace and home,” we have initiated pro-bono coaching to support leaders in small to medium sized NGOs and not-for-profit organizations, since 2008.
Thank you coaches for your generosity in giving of yourselves and your time in this pro bono coaching initiative. Some of you have even been continuously offering the support for more than once.

We believe your pro bono coaching efforts have been instrumental in supporting the NGO leaders in making a bigger impact on the community they serve.

To date APAC volunteer coaches made a significant difference in nearly 60 probono projects with NGO/non-profit organisations in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Singapore and Thailand. In a breakthrough pilot in 2020, we successfully coached 4 impoverished street youth (from a group with one or no parents), in the Republic of Korea. [See article in APAC Voice OCTOBER 2021]

Thank you!
Chair – Community Service Committee

If you would like to discuss how you (or your organisation) might participate, please email the following to indicate your interest:

  • Chair – Community Service Committee:
    Jyoti Sapra – (Singapore)
  • Deputy Chair – Vacant

We also have Country Representatives delivering Pro-Bono Coaching Initiatives in respective countries:

We are seeking Country Representatives based in Singapore, China, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines and Japan.

Join us.

Join us and be a part of our coaching family