President’s Message

Welcome to Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches (APAC)

More than ever, we are living in a hyper-connected world that has a profound impact to coaches. Global accessibility, digital evolution, professional metamorphosis, and progressive enlightenment are new norms. Regardless of the standardisation of coaching practices, the coaching industry continues to exhibit its unique fragmentation due to diverse cultures and dynamic paradigm shifts.

With this setting, Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches (APAC), founded in 2007 by the late Foo See Luan, aims to stay relevant and be the Coaching Voice of Asia Pacific. We aim to harness and synergise the richness of our cultural diversity and philosophies that are hidden gems in this part of the globe, together with ongoing coaching research, and strong partnership with coaches, communities and organisations.

We will build on the momentum set by the incredible work of our past Presidents and committed EXCO team. In APAC, we provide coaches opportunities for growth, networking, collaborations, and contributions to transcend individual contributions and make this community larger than self.

In July 2024, we will launch a pilot joint-project with North-East Community Development Council to coach post-secondary school youths. Coaches will support these youths as they discover if community work is a match with their career aspirations.

As team coaching gains traction, APAC is setting up an eco-system where we create awareness on team coaching benefits through low-bono projects with organisations, allowing certified team coaches to partner each other to practise their team coaching skills, and receive team coaching supervision in return.

Our inaugural APAC Wellness Retreat is happening on 21-23 October in Penang. Join us for this immersive experience designed to enhance mental and emotional well-being.

We hope you find our April-June issue of APAC Voice, themed “Emotional Agility”, enriching. Stay tuned for the next quarterly newsletter on “Mindfulness & Resilience” and consider contributing an article to add value for fellow coaches.

APAC Walk and Talk has gained momentum in promoting healthy habits and fruitful connections among fellow coaches. It is a delight to welcome overseas members whenever they visit Singapore. Be our country ambassador if you are passionate about extending APAC’s reach to the coaching community in your country.

Our monthly webinars and peer coaching circle are ongoing avenues for coaches to sharpen their saws and connect over topics relevant to coaching business & trends, and coaches’ current interests.

With our aim to strengthen our coaching community, we have extended our buddy system to current members as well. Do connect with your buddy to explore how you would like to be more meaningfully engaged at APAC.

Enjoy your journey of transformations with APAC.


Irene Chia
President, APAC