APAC Coaching Conferences

APAC’s crowning glory, it is an ode to the age – old wisdom and philosophies of the region.

APAC Conferences generally includes profound Asian thinkers and international speakers and panellists who have made immense advancements and innovations in the realm of Coaching and People Development. With a contemporary theme, celebrating diverse perspectives and applied thought, the aim is to open our eyes to opportunities and help coaches and all those interested in actualizing human capital to advance towards proficiency and possibilities to embrace true human potential. It provides the opportunity and space to Coaches, Leaders in Human Resources, Learning and Development and Business Leaders from across the globe to connect, engage, share knowledge and experiences to elevate their mastery and rigor.

A thought provoking, innovative, colourful and unforgettable transformational experience with thought leaders across the globe providing insightful and paradigm changing experiences, you CANNOT MISS this event.

APAC2022 International Coaching Conference

Theme: Fast Forward 2030, Building Empowered Selves, Businesses and Society through the Power of Coaching
Dates: December 9-10, 2022

APAC2022, the 6th APAC Coaching Conference, was APAC’s first large-scale virtual conference and first conference managed from China. It was a great success! Thousands of attendees learned from 50+ world-class speakers and panelists who shared their knowledge and experiences on topics about Resilience, Adaptability and Empowerment.

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