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Coaching Research

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The purpose of the Research function within APAC is to explore and deep dive into the cultural / geopolitical / economic nuances of the region as applicable to coaching, understand the landscape and offer this unique understanding to the discipline of coaching. This will equip the coaches in the region and all over the world who wish to work in the Asia Pacific region to be more informed regarding the unique nuances of people’s needs here.

Coaching research is at the heart of what we do here, and that is what makes our vision REAL! – Being the Coaching voice of Asia Pacific.

Future of Coaching

The way we work, live and play is set to change dramatically over the next decade or so.  Coaching sits in the larger context of work and the professional development needs of executives.  In the next decade, the coaching industry could look significantly different from what it is today.  How can coaches keep abreast of the relevant trends in the environment and prepare themselves for the future?

With that in mind, the APAC research team recently completed the “Future of Coaching” project.  Thought leaders and coach experts in the region were consulted and their collective wisdom documented. This qualitative research complements the 5th Asia Coaching Benchmark (2019) surveys. It aims to provide light on what the future of coaching will look like in the Asia Pacific as a region as well as in the individual markets of China, HK, India, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore.  

The survey continues APAC’s tradition in being a resource for coaching in the Asia Pacific.  It will also help equip coaches further in supporting their clients in the region in the years to come.

Asia Coaching Benchmark Survey

The purpose of this coaching survey is to establish baseline of the coaching industry in Asian markets and track its development over time.  It identifies trends and new insights to support the advancement of this relatively new profession. This is a 120+ question survey done once in 2-3 years.

This survey collects information on coaching practice, process, outcome and demographics from both clients (primarily companies) and coaching providers (external/ internal) to obtain the full story from both sides. The approach blends both qualitative and quantitative methods to reach 3 categories of stakeholders, viz. companies (usually HR representatives), internal and external coaches.

The coaching survey was first carried out in 2012 and continued thereafter in 2012, 2014, 2017 and 2019.  The studies were conducted in English, Chinese, & Bahasa Indonesia. The first three studies were done in mainland China. The fourth one covered mainland China, Hong Kong and India.  Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore were added in the fifth benchmark study completed in 2019.  The aim is to include other Asia Pacific markets in future studies.

Archived Papers

Research has been a cornerstone of APAC’s offering to the coaching world.  From 2012 to 2019, a series of Benchmark Surveys for the Asia Pacific were conducted.  The latest is the Future of Coaching Survey which was recently showcased at the APAC Fiesta 2022.

The archival of past surveys are available for your reading pleasure and digestion.  Also available in the archives are a China survey as well as a series of topical (Business, Career, Life, Personal and Parenting) cases.

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