Community Services Initiative

Community Services Initiatives

If you would like to:

  • Raise the coaching awareness in and bring the benefit of coaching to your country of residence
  • Enrich your experience as serving in meaningful coaching projects that contribute to uplifting communities in need within the Asia Pacific;
  • Participate in initiatives that support leaders and key staff (coachees) in small-to-medium sized NGOs and non-profit organisations, to increase their effectiveness in positively impacting both their organisations and the community they serve; &
  • Promote coaching as an effective tool for people development in the region

Then APAC welcomes you to join us either a Country Representative or as a member of the Community Relations Committee Member.

Qualifying Criteria

  • A certified and practising Coach
  • Membership of APAC or another professional coaching association that abides by international coaching ethics

Please indicate your interest by sending an email to:

Jyoti Sapra, Chair – Community Service Committee,

who will be happy to revert of vacancies that need to be filled.