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A Sovereign Mindset – Humanity’s Superpower

Relationship is the courageous act that evolves humanity. When you learn to liberate perceiving that makes visible what is invisible yet present, you replace history and bias with curiosity and wonder. Your most important relationship is the one with yourself, connecting internally to the essential core that is unique, removing the draw to be anyone or anything else. Doing so transcends performance and allows a sovereign mindset to emerge that engages and empowers yourself and another most fully.

Remember that fear arises as our protection for what we most love. Unconditional self-love is the ultimate expression of a sovereign mindset. When embodied, this superpower awakens, catalyzes, and energizes love. As a human being, you are hard wired to perceive and resolve threats to your security. Learning to perceive when fear is false evidence appearing real, brings you freedom to courageously challenge yourself to be sovereign in word, deed and heart.
Janet M. Harvey
Janet M. Harvey, MCC is the CEO of inviteCHANGE, a coaching organization that shapes a world where people love their life’s work. She is the author of the award-winning book Invite Change – Lessons from 2020, The Year of No Return. She has trained and coached leaders at Fortune 500 companies, across 6 continents, for more than 25 years. An early adopter for creating a coach-centered workplace, she has helped many teams of leaders to establish a generative, resilient, and high-performance culture. She is also a board director for the ICF Thought Leadership Institute, serves on the ICF Global Enterprise Board, and is an ICF Global Past President, a Certified Mentor Coach, and Accredited Coaching Supervisor.

Developing our Multiple Intelligences to thrive in the VUCA World

Humans evolve with the environment, pointing to our internal and external world. We can loosely connect it to our internal nervous system and the external VUCA world. What we must embrace is to challenge and reframe our mindset before our new “uncomfortable” skill-sets can be developed. The meta skill-sets from a multi-intelligence perspective will be introduced. More concrete examples will be given on how to orchestrate our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual intelligences.
Barney Wee
Barney Wee, PhD has dedicated the last 25 years to the science of personal development training, coaching, and consulting. Since 1997, he has been at the forefront of human change technologies, using the cognitive and behavioral approach of Neuro-Linguistic Programming as his “operating system” for creating solutions. He has a PhD in Professional Coaching and Human Development. In today’s VUCA world, we are required to make paradigm shifts in mindset and develop a different set of “meta-skills.” We have to re-imagine our future and actively align our capacities to it so that we can thrive. It is only when individuals consciously choose to grow, that organizations can become sustainably resilient and creative. In thriving organizations today, personal and organizational development are synonymous. Barney and his team dedicate themselves to helping individuals and organizations thrive in the VUCA world.

Critical Team Coaching Skills: What are they?

The session will throw light on current challenges and opportunities as coaches, including helping teams engage, speak up, share the work, share the responsibility for success – in essence share leadership. Ernie will introduce 5 critical coaching skills plus the concepts and tools that will bring these skills to life. He will also reveal the 10 ARL® (Action Reflection Learning) principles that enable these concepts and tools to turn any coaching engagement into a learning experience.
Ernie Turner
Ernie Turner, ACC is the President of LIM (Leadership in Motion), a global consulting firm focused on development – people and business – simultaneously using LIM’s 10 ARL® (Action Reflection Learning) principles. In this capacity, he has been building LIM as an international consulting firm over the last 35 years focused on leadership, learning, team coaching and developing team coaches. He has coached executives from different industries and over 150 leadership teams. He has written numerous articles and books on leadership, teamwork, and team coaching including: “Action Reflection Learning: Solving Real Business Problems by Connecting Learning with Earning;” “Gentle Interventions for Team Coaching: Little things that make a BIG difference” and “Shared Leadership Disciplines: A Better way to lead.”

Writing for Influence & Impact

The session will elaborate on writing about coaching practice for professional development and for engaging with potential clients. It will help coaches appreciate and acknowledge the diversity of coaching practices that exist and deepen one's coaching knowledge. It will also help coaches to help other coaches who can’t afford supervision. Also, it will help build professional confidence and self-awareness of what’s working well in one’s coaching practice and business.
Yvonne Thackray
Yvonne Thackray (Hau) is an executive coach and peer supervisor, and a practitioner researcher and editor, who has combined her passions through all these roles for the past decade. She has lived and worked in both the UK and Hong Kong. She works with clients internationally, with a keen interest in leadership (professional and personal) and knowledge management (intuition and tacit knowledge). She also founded the good coach, whose core proposition is to understand what is coaching and how everyday practitioners practice their coaching approach in various situations and contexts. Since 2012, the good coach has worked with over 111 coaching practitioners to publish 367 blog-articles about their coaching experiences. She has also edited and self-published books in the field of coaching and cybersecurity, written over 40+ blogs, and peer-reviewed articles.
Garry Schleifer
Garry Schleifer, PCC is a seasoned businessman bringing over 30 years experience to his coaching. His “walk the talk” credentials draw from experience as visionary behind several multimillion-dollar corporations. He applies an approach of “Ruthless Compassion” when helping his business owner clients and challenges clients with transformative coaching, rigorous goals, an innate sensitivity, good humor and non-judgment. He earned his coach credentials at Coaches Training Institute, Certified Mentor Coach certificate from inviteCHANGE, and PCC from International Coaching Federation (ICF). He is the owner and publisher of choice, the magazine of professional coaching, Past President of Toronto ICF Chapter, Vice President ICF Global Board, and served on several community-based boards. His recent project “Free Time Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs. Creating more free time so you can have more ME time!” is a labor of love combining his years of training and experience to bring freedom back to business owners. He lives with his husband Patrick in Toronto, Canada.

Coaching in the Context of Chinese Philosophy

Lao Zi's thought is a philosophical thought about the rule of universe change. He can see the whole system in the single, see the hope in the difficulty, see the gain in the loss, do everything in the inaction, apply the law of all things to find the endless vitality, and find the right law in the balance of Yin and Yang. This kind of traditional Chinese thinking has a lot in common with the wisdom of coaching. By applying this kind of traditional philosophical thinking, coaches can see the vitality of today's world under great changes from the perspective of systems, changes and corresponding angles. It will help coaches to help customers open up to greater awareness and create greater possibilities in any change.

In addition, many philosophical views of Lao Zi thought to coach the description of the ego state is very similar, such as Lao Zi Yin and Yang are regarded as a whole, there is no right and wrong, good or bad. There is "Empty space", denoting the coach’s curiosity, "the best way is to act like water", completely following and flowing.

By interpreting the wisdom of coaching in Chinese traditional thoughts, we can learn how coaches can enhance their systematic thinking of coach relationships and improve their self-coaching state.
Shi Fu Ye
Shi Fu Ye, MCC is an associate coach at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) and an ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC). He is also a mentor and course developer for an ICF ACSTH and ACTP certified program. He has authored the coaching book, The Coaching Way.

Happiness at Work

Happiness at work is good for everyone - the employee, the team, the customer, and the organization. It may sound fluffy, but its foundations are set firmly in science and the statistics are compelling. When you put your people first, amazing things start to happen. Creativity and innovation go through the roof. Productivity goes up. Your teams become more motivated and engaged. The science is in. Creating a happy work environment has a profound impact on a company's bottom line. So why doesn't every company focus on creating happiness at work? There can be a lot of confusion and misinformation on what actually makes someone happy at work. That's where we come in!

This session will look at: what happiness at work is, why happiness at work is important, the statistics behind happiness at work, the 4 areas that create happiness at work, what makes us unhappy at work and how to avoid it, and simple tools anyone can use to become happier at work.
Sarah Metcalfe
Sarah Metcalfe is the CHO of Happy Coffee Consulting. She founded Happy Coffee Consulting after 9 years building award winning customer service and customer experience. She has spent the last 10 years researching and training in Happiness at Work. In 2019, she co-founded the first Global Summit for Happiness at Work. In the two years it has been running, we have had over 2000 participants from 62 countries and more than 60 leading expert speakers from around the world. In July 2020, she became co-leader of the Woohoo Partnership Network, a group of happiness at work experts, from thirty one countries. This partnership has helped to train over 100,000 people worldwide. She has worked with companies like WDHB, L’Oreal, FUTR, Abcam Life Sciences, Teleperformance, and Woohoo Inc. and provided international keynotes and workshops in Canada, the UK, Denmark, France, Ireland, Spain, Belgium, Poland, and NL.

Coaching with LAB Profile in a Post-COVID World

The Language and Behaviour (LAB) Profile is an invaluable tool for coaches. It covers 14 patterns (or metaprogrammes) that are invisible to the untrained eye but very easy to spot once you know how to pay attention. In this session, you’ll get an overview of the profile and how it can be used by coaches. Dianne will explain three of the patterns and show you how to spot them in your client. You will also experience using the patterns in a coaching conversation.
Dianne Lowther
Dianne Lowther is a Master Trainer of NLP and the LAB Profile and has been pioneering applications of NLP in business since 1993. She is a published author, winner of a UK National Training Award, and founder of Brilliant Minds. She specializes in Leadership Team development, mainly in technical environments.

Real Life Inspiration – From Stagnation to Innovation & Flourishing

Anand and Poorva will share their inspirational real-life experience of moving from stagnation to flourishing during the recent tough times. Anand and Poorva used to run an established, successful fashion design and retail consultancy, in Pune, India until the pandemic brought their work to a screeching halt and uncertainty loomed large.

Their journey from despair, uncertainty and ambiguity to a full-fledged cloud kitchen under the brand name READYUMM is a tale for folks that when the tough gets going, tough times become an adventure with a happy ending.
Anand Arora
Anand Arora is the co-founder of Pros & Pros. He has been working in the Retail industry since 2007, with an overall experience of 18 years of working with brands Jack & Jones, Aditya Birla Retail, NTUC Singapore, NIIT & Hewlett-Packard. He comes with diverse experience in talent development & management and has conducted numerous workshops and training programs on functional topics such as Improving Retail KPIs, Fibre to Fabric, Customer Styling, Retail Store Management & Customer Relationship Management, to name a few. He has trained people across various organizational levels in behavioral areas like Campus to Corporate, Culture Sensitization, First Time Managers, and Managerial Team Building Workshops – in classroom as well as outbound formats. His strength is found in his ability to understand the end customer and their preferences, identifying gaps in the existing consumer touch-points for a good customer experience and his ability to translate client requirements into business interventions for improved team and product performance and better organizational results.
Poorva Soman
Poorva Soman is the co-founder of Pros & Pros. She has worked in India as well as abroad for the last 19 years in the Fashion and Retail Industry. She started as a Fashion Designer, but soon realized her love for the Business of Fashion and started handling Business Roles. Her expertise lies in understanding international trends and translating them to local as well as international tastes in Design, spotting commercially successful styles, and most importantly, knowing what makes a business profitable. She has, for many years, led large and small design teams and delivered High Sell-through Hits, season after season. Apart from that, having handled large sized businesses and being responsible for the profitability for the Brands she worked for, she knows the pulse of Retail, the very fundamentals of what clicks with the customers or clients, Designing Commercially Successful Styles, and most importantly, what makes a Profitable Business. Having lived in Italy and Germany for a few years and having travelled abroad extensively, she understands Global Fashion well and knows just how to spot styling and trends that can click.

The Future of Coaching in Asia Pacific

This is a qualitative practitioner’s research project diving deep into the subject of the future of coaching in Asia Pacific. This study is based primarily on the interviews of experienced coaches in the region. Topics covered include what attributes and skills future coaches need to possess and how technology is transforming the way coaches work with their clients. Highlights of this study will be discussed.
Frank Gallo
Frank Gallo, PhD is a seasoned coach and leadership consultant who has lived in China for 20 years. He is the author of several books on leadership including The Enlightened Leader, which is a description and analysis of executive coaching in China. He is the former China CEO for Watson Wyatt and was also the Chief Leadership Consultant for Aon Hewitt, Greater China. He works exclusively with senior leaders in Asia. The company he founded, Calypso Consulting, is a firm devoted to improving the quality of business leadership in Asia.
Uma Arora
Uma Arora is a Leadership Coach and OD Practitioner whose work focus has been transforming individuals and teams for high performance over the last 14 years. She brings a unique blend of her business experience and insights from her training in applied behavior sciences, using a multidisciplinary approach to her interventions. Besides doing her own work, she has been an associate facilitator for Mercer and ‘Great Place to Work Institute’ for over a decade. She is a guest faculty for S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research and the Research Chair for Asia Pacific Alliance for Coaches (APAC). She sees herself as a learning enthusiast and change catalyst. She believes in deepening her inner journey of awareness and outer journey of impactfulness on an ongoing basis.
Anuradha Schroff
Anuradha Schroff is a certified organizational coach and a corporate facilitator with more than 10 years of experience working with senior public sector executives and private sector professionals. Her expertise is in personal development work, facilitation in leadership and public policy programs, and coaching executives who aspire to take the next step in their career and life. She also offers corporate retreats for organizations who want to take a holistic view of well-being as a corporate strategy for employee engagement. Her small group facilitation style is informed by her experience in advanced Gestalt group dynamics which focuses on how groups form, make decisions, and work together. She brings years of coaching and facilitation experience and blends it with a deep understanding of complex systems and the psychology of human development.

Book of Wisdom

Explore APAC’s Pearls of Wisdom! The Asia Pacific region’s philosophies and teachings are a treasure-trove that can transform people and their lives with its profoundness. These timeless, irreplaceable insights are valuable for humankind and priceless for a coach. The multiplicity of thoughts in this book with its variety of perspectives and substantive contemplation aims to awaken your promise, provide you food for thought, steering you towards horizons that you have not yet tapped, helping you flourish no matter what walk of life you belong to. Belinda MacInnes asserts that masterful coaching has universal application, no matter where or with whom we practice. She asserts, “Let us not do coaching as nation-states, instead, let us ensure coaching is global.”

Mark Sng invites the reader to revisit the issues of the day that impact the meaning and quality of life for each of us wherever we live and whatever our station in life.

Kartik Vyas discusses integrating aspects of yoga psychology into coaching, like 3 building blocks of our personality, 5 types of minds, 8 subconscious predispositions, 5 factors causing all human problems, resistance and immunity to change, structures of the mind, 13 obstacles to achievement and success, and more.

Catherine Ng shares the CDCA® coaching model based on her Dialectical Approach to Team Coaching that integrates the wisdom of Eastern and Western ethos. This model is popularly used by Chinese executives, and you will learn about its secrets and practical usage. Nicholas Wai discusses the reasons for the phenomenal growth of coaches in China, examining social and cultural angles, with the worrying development trends and suggestions for healthier growth in high-quality coaches.

Siamese Wisdom by Dr. Woraphat Arthayukti is best introduced with the question, “Where does global warming come from?” to which Professor Rapee responded: “The solution is actually within easy grasp and can only be attained through the suppression of defilements such as greed. Basically, if our minds are not inflamed with defilements, then the world will not warm up.”

Dr. Anne Dolly Kuzhimadathil reminds us of our duality and the fact that no matter how compassionate and loving we are, it does not exclude us from possessing a shadow side, and we need to embrace it. The chapter not only elaborates on the power that lies within but also provides the tools to unleash it.
Belinda MacInnes (Australia)
Belinda MacInnes, MCC is one of the first Master Certified Coaches (MCC) in Asia Pacific (2005) having coached many nationalities and levels of seniority across the region. She is an ICF MCC Assessor and has served as ICFA President and APAC First Vice President. She is also a Professional Mentor Coach. She is a passionate student of where theoretical physics, neuroscience, philosophy, and AGI are heading in this 21st century, and enjoys synthesizing these. As both a science and business systems graduate, she has a unique approach to coaching and the business of coaching. She is also the author of the globally-selling Professional Coach’s Business System (PCBS) Revisited – a step-by-step framework supporting coaches in private practice how to set up and run their business using systems.
Mark Sng (Singapore)
Mark Sng has worked in 20 countries in the course of employment, business, and mission work. He was Black & Decker Corporate Audit Head, Asia Pacific region, after which he ran his own consultancy, training, and coaching outfit before retirement. He has done pro-bono work for institutions, NGOs, non-profits in 7 countries. His mission is to shape future leaders to re-examine self, co-create culture & environment, redefine education & success goals; through undergraduate transition workshops, parent/teacher retreats/camps, related Special Interest Group forums. He sees himself as a truth seeker, seer, truth teller, learner, advocate, influencer, and change agent seeking to restore societal order through equipping, enabling, and empowering as many as possible to assume personal leadership and social responsibility to exercise leadership ground up each within his reach.
Kartik Vyas (India)
Kartik Vyas, PCC is a high-performance leadership-executive coach, facilitator, author, behavioral trainer, keynote-motivational speaker, and yoga mentor. He is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) accredited by ICF. With 37 years of experience, he has coached and trained people from 18 nationalities. His deep insights into the human mind, its structures, inherent capabilities, weaknesses, and its working gives him a unique advantage in coaching his clients to sustain themselves as high performers. He passionately mentors trainers at the 102-year-old ‘The Yoga Institute’ in Mumbai, India, in Yoga Psychology, Mindfulness, Wellness, Meditation, and the Spiritual dimensions of Yoga. He teaches the 2500 years old text, ‘The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali’. His life purpose is: “To Evolve Spiritually and Inspire People to Evolve to Their Highest God Given Potential, Achieve Outstanding Results by claiming Abundance and Freedom as their birthright.”
Catherine Ng (China)
Catherine Ng, MCC has been a pioneering executive coach and coach trainer in Asia since 1995 and founded Enrichment Consulting and Coaching Institute to devote her life in bringing up corporate coaches. She created the CDCA® coaching model based on her Dialectical Approach of Team Coaching which integrates Western and Eastern cultures, on which the ICF ACTP-accredited Professional Coach Development Program (PCP) is based. She is an ICF MCC and an Adjunct Associate Professor of the Institute for China Business, University of Hong Kong SPACE. As an author, she has published Dialectical Approach of Team Coaching (2009) with Peter Jin, Life Should Have No Boundaries (2012), and Dialogue to Life (2015) with 49 of her student co-authors, as well as contributed a chapter in Diversity in Coaching (2009) edited by Jonathan Passmore. Recently, her research has been focused on cultivating corporate coaching culture in China, for her Doctorate in Professional Studies with Middlesex University (UK).
Nicholas Wai (China)
Nicholas Wai, PCC is the Research Director at Enrichment Consulting and Coaching Institute in China. He is a passionate and empathic Executive, Career, and Mentor Coach, supporting clients across Asia Pacific in broadening perspectives, getting clarity in their visions and taking actions towards them. He has more than ten years of management experience at one of the largest international banks in Hong Kong, and as Finance Director at his family textile business in Southeast Asia, helping him to quickly grasp the context and challenges of his clients and their stakeholders. He is currently a Professional Certified Coach with the ICF, with a Master in Organizational Coaching (Sydney) and an MBA (LBS). He is active in promoting coaching in Hong Kong as President of the Hong Kong International Coaching Community and has co-authored two books – Much Ado about Coaching and Translating Coaching Codes of Practice.
Dr. Woraphat Arthayukti (Thailand)
Dr. Woraphat Arthayukti is a past president of APAC. In his semi-retirement, after an academic and a corporate career, he has become keenly interested in history, biographies, and the mode of practice of the lineage of Thai forest monks. And related to this last interest, he was pondering how best to create satisfaction and happiness for himself in the remaining years of his life. This book’s chapter on ‘Siamese Wisdom: Insights for Happiness of Mind and Soul’ is a first step towards that goal, in which Woraphat quotes the thoughts of thinkers who were born when Thailand was then called Siam. He has translated into English a book of sermons from a forest meditation teacher entitled The Noble Path to Purity, and the teachings and biography of the late Ācariya Mahā Boowa Ñāṇasampanno for the museum dedicated to this renowned forest meditation teacher. His discovery of Thai culture and Theravāda Buddhism came after forgetting the language of his birth and Thai culture during his upbringing in the west for the first two decades of his life. He is currently working on his second Thai language book related to an anecdote in Thailand’s history.
Dr. Anne Dolly Kuzhimadathil (India)
Dr. Anne Dolly Kuzhimadathil is the current President of APAC (2017-2021) and the Founder and CEO of SALT, a People & Organization Development Consultancy. Her expertise includes Organizational Development, People Development, Employee Engagement, Performance Management, Talent Management & Life and Leadership Coaching. She has worked across the globe in leadership roles, impacting and transforming individuals, teams, groups, and organizations. She has a unique combination of academic and business experience bringing academic rigor and applied wisdom to her practice. Proficient in various psychometric tools and a Master NLP Practitioner, she is eclectic in her approach and excellent at customizing the framework/tool to best fit the client. She has a deep understanding of Asian wisdom and western thought, enabling her to get to the core of issues, celebrate diversity, and ensure global standards as she strategically aligns individual, team, and organization needs and priorities, facilitating excellence and actualizing potential. Leaders benefit and easily shift paradigms from her thought leadership and her willingness to call a spade a spade!

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