Divya Nagpal


Testimonials 1. – Varun Bharadwaj, Entrepreneur, Sustainability Champion, New Zealand “Divya helped me to see my own professional and entrepreneurial potential during the early stages of my career. She asked me questions I had been too afraid to ask myself. She listened to me without judgement and kept probing until we got to breakthroughs in my thinking that have resulted in multiple enterprises in India and New Zealand, including profit driven, research and non-profit ventures. I cannot thank Divya enough for the generosity with which she coached me. Thanks, Divya for being a continuous source of inspiration and practical perspective on all things worth striving for. You are absolutely amazing.” 2. Taruna Sharma Healer, Hyderabad, India – My business has expanded more than expected. For many years, I dreamt of becoming a ‘Healer’ for people. Coach Divya Nagpal, made me work on my inner core. I confronted the dark side of me, which was hidden under the carpet. She supported me to expand beyond my comfort zone and barriers. She helped me prioritize actions for my business. Today I have a start-up company, and I heal people and also make my own ‘Healing Chocolates’. My work has grown beyond my target by 168%. She understands you more than you understand yourself. 3. Neetu Gera, Teacher, Delhi, India – I began coaching from Divya, as a fearful person with virtually no control over my life. In 3 months, coaching, my relationship with self and others transformed. Not only me, there is a sea-change in my relatives’ approach towards me, who now are a stand for my happiness and success. I am capable of dealing with fear. My supervisor and co-teachers have publicly commended me for the confidence, creativity and the quality of my teaching. Though coaching was 6 years back, there is an ongoing expansion in my career and in life. Her perseverance, patience and instructional scaffolding capability, has given me sustained transformation.

Coaching Specialties

Corporate/Executive Coaching, Executive Leadership Development, People Management and Leadership Coaching, Personal Development Coaching, Personal Effectiveness, Special Skills and Situations Coaching, Transition Coaching, Women in Leadership Coaching

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Face to Face, Telephone, Global Reach with Telephone, Not Specified

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Certified Coach in Intelligent Leadership from John Mattone (ex coach of Steve Jobs and likewise)

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