Jo Birch
United Kingdom


Jo works as an executive coach and supervisor, trainer and psychotherapist. Working internationally and loving the richness of a diverse practice, Jo brings people together in global learning communities. As Director of Crucial Difference & International Centre for Reflective Practice, Jo leads an international team providing cutting edge training for coaches to become supervisors and continue developing as leaders in the profession. She is active in professional dialogue as Board member of Association of Coaching Supervisors (AOCS) and European Association of Supervision and Coaching (EASC), and previously Chair of BACP Coaching. Jo is an active volunteer within Association for Coaching, and is a ‘showcased’ Global Provider for EMCC. Jo regularly writes for journals and is co-editor of EMCC Mastery Series publication Coaching Supervision: Advancing Practice, Changing Landscapes and previously series editor of Thinking Global in Coaching Today. Jo loves Asia. She speaks and reads Urdu although has become a little out of practice in recent years and hopes to resume studies soon. She currently lives in Edinburgh, and loves exploring – kayaking the Scottish coast, mountain biking, and drawing in restorative Spanish sunshine.

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Corporate/Executive Coaching, Cross Cultural Coaching, Transition Coaching, Women in Leadership Coaching

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Telephone, Global Reach with Telephone

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Jo Birch Ltd / Crucial Difference / ICRP

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