Moushumi Bose


A little more of Coach background : Moushumi Bose is an Executive coach who has over 1200 hours of coaching over the last 14 years. Moushumi’s domain expertise is in areas of Finance, accounting and banking. She is also a Diversity and Inclusivity consultant specializing in gender. With over 22 years of experience as a senior leader leading large teams in multinational organizations her own experience is a great resource in coaching clients viz. Director, Deutsche Bank, General Manager, IBM and Senior Manager American Express. As a professional coach , her portfolio of clients include Head of business, Managing Director and very senior executives from large multinational organizations in the banking, F&B , FMCG , Aviation and Insurance sector . Moushumi is energetic, positive and optimistic as a person and effortlessly bonds with people. Clients describe her as a coach with : excellent listening , challenging their assumptions, assists in reflecting inwards to get to their own answers to their concerns and pushing their own boundaries while moving towards excellence . Moushumi coaches across different countries and has a diverse and multicultural client base. Loves to travel as travel broadens the mind and gives an opportunity to get connected to different cultures naturally. Professional Background Moushumi’s corporate experience of managing large teams gives her the practical understanding of the challenges faced by very senior leaders on a day to day basis. Her experience of working with business partners/clients across the North Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific region gave her the insight to experience different cultures and their impact on working styles and expectations at work place thereby giving her the flexibility to coach persons from varied backgrounds and culture. A few Client testimonials : “I clearly feel fortunate to have Moushumi as a coach. I say this because I feel that coaching experience was clearly dependent upon her skills and ability. She made the whole journey insightful and very meaningful. I have come out more confident of my strengths, aware about my behaviours and have moved on in life by confronting my personal demons and making peace with them.”…..Amit Mallick , Chief HR officer, AVIVA “Moushumi is a very good coach and along with her coaching skills she also brings to the table a very strong desire to help and support her client. Her approach is heart warming and makes the experience very enriching. She allowed me develop my own solution and take responsibility of executing them. As a coach , she brings in a lot of acknowledgement , patience and listening capabilities……Ravinder Dang , BU Director , Baxter Healthcare “I was very sceptical about coaching through telephone. However the experience was incredible and the coaching skills used were outstanding. The questions being asked were thought provoking resulting in addressing the real issue that was hidden somewhere deep beneath. It has provided me a different perspective which on my own would have been difficult to achieve. Hence I have now more clarity in thought and can understand the real challenge (not the apparent one). I would like to appreciate the coach for guiding me towards resolution of my current challenges in such skilful manner.”….Najam Siddique , CFO Pakistan , Standard Chartered Bank

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Corporate/Executive Coaching, Leadership Team Coaching, People Management and Leadership Coaching

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Face to Face, Telephone

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Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

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