Prabha Peter Pankuny


Highly noted as an Interllect Enricher on People Enrichment and Employee Engagement, Prabha Peter Pankuny is widely regarded within piers as a gifted thinker and speaker. Prabha is well-known for reputation having abilities to make learning easier by sharing real life situational war stories experiences and humor to deliver effective presentations. Having 28 years of corporate and sales experience with him, Prabha brings in value to training programs in the aspects of Management Development, Sales and Marketing Management, Financial Services, Motivation, Team Building, Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring. Prabha was Senior Regional Head positions for two international corporations,  joined as a Marketing Assistant then rising to a level as Regional Head, involving in manufacturing, plantations and insurance. His duties include grooming branch managers on day to day activities, building cohesive teams and creating leaders within culture implementations towards greater effectiveness in communications. He also trained branch managers of banks for Personal Finances Service programs, plan and implement structured sales campaigns to secure new businesses. Prabha’s forte in training lies in People Management, Sales Management, Motivation, Communication, Customer Service, Coaching and Mentoring, Agency Relationship Building and Bancassurance.   Prabha holds a Degree in Engineering, Diploma in Marketing Counsel of Australia and  Master in Business Administration. Currently pursuing Doctrate in Psychology. He is also a Certified Coach Passport by International Coach Federation, a graduate of Dale Carnegie Institute and Certified under Train the Trainer program. Prabha’s affirmations believe across is: “Find a Trainer who is unorthodox, unconventional, outside the box, irreverent, crazy, off the wall. He will breathe a new life into your team or organization”

Coaching Specialties

C-Suite Peak Performance Coaching, Corporate/Executive Coaching, Cross Cultural Coaching, Executive Leadership Development, Leadership Team Coaching, Lifestyle Coaching, Marketing/Sales Coaching, Mentor Coaching, People Management and Leadership Coaching, Personal Development Coaching, Personal Effectiveness, Relationships Coaching, Special Skills and Situations Coaching

Coaching Mode

Face to Face, Telephone, Global Reach with Telephone

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Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

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