Sook Hyung Paek
Hong Kong


“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive” Howard Thurman- Sook is a creator, an entrepreneur and a bilingual( Korean and English) coach for women in leadership. Her observations of the corporate world are that more women need to be, and deserve to be in executive positions. She is passionate about helping women move up the corporate ladder to management slots, leadership roles, executive positions, and ultimately the boardroom. She focuses on a set of strategies to navigate women in leadership through the organizational, interpersonal, and individual challenges and barriers hindering their advancement. She helps them see and connect with their inner core beliefs and strengths, building their confidence to reach for, and realize their aspirations. Sook is a native Koran, left South Korea to purse her personal and professional achievement with Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. Over the years she advanced up through the company and eventually rose up to be in the Manager of Talent Acquisitions and Development. In this crucial role, she realized with a strong frame of mind, confidence, and the development of strong authentic leadership presence, that women could position themselves to take advantage of, and thrive in the changing trends of gender inclusion in corporate boardrooms. Her goal is advancing women’s’ position of influence, power, governance, and general stakes in the corporate world – and the world in general – would be a better place for everyone. Education • Master of Science degree in Leadership & Innovation from the Edinburgh Napier University (UK) • Inspired Leadership Specialization from the Case Western Reserve University (via Coursera) Qualification • Stakeholder Cantered Coaching from Certified in Marshall Goldsmith for 1-on-1 Executive Coaching, Team Coaching, and Global Leadership Assessment • Certified in DISC and MBTI personality assessment tools • Certified in Global Leadership 360 assessment • Certified Core and Professional Transformation Coach from Coach Masters Academy Accreditation • PCC Credential from the International Coach Federation

Coaching Specialties

Business Coaching, Corporate/Executive Coaching, Cross Cultural Coaching, Executive Leadership Development, Global Leadership Coaching, Leadership Personal Brand Development, Leadership Team Coaching, Mentor Coaching, People Management and Leadership Coaching, Personal Effectiveness, Start Up Coaching, Women in Leadership Coaching

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Face to Face, Telephone, Global Reach with Telephone

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Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

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Baobab executive coaching

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