Locating APAC Webinar Zoom Link and Recordings

Dear APAC members!

From time to time, members will miss the monthly webinars because they overlook the date, are unable to locate their event Zoom link, or did not know where to find the webinar recordings.

Fret not, here are 2 ways to resolve these issues:

A. Locating your webinar Zoom link:

1. When you register and obtain a Zoom link, click on one of the following links provided in the Zoom confirmation email: “Add to Calendar(.ics) | Add to Google Calendar | Add to Yahoo Calendar”. By doing this, the event will be automatically marked in your calendar.

2. If you did not save the date in your e-calendar and need to find the Zoom link, you can easily locate it by searching for the sender’s email address: “Zoom <no-reply@zoom.us>”.

3. Sometimes, your Zoom link may have been filtered into your “SPAM” or “Advertisement” folder by default. If this happens, retrieve the email from that folder and move it to your inbox so your email system will be able to recognize that these are not spam messages.

B. Locating the webinar recording:

Recordings of our Monthly Talks are available on the APAC website as one of the exclusive benefits of APAC membership.

Simply log in to the APAC website using your member credentials and navigate to the recordings section under monthly talks: https://apacoaches.org/monthly-talks/

Yours faithfully,
APAC Programme Committee