Membership Privileges

Current members who work in the coaching profession or aspire to become coaches:

  • APAC provides information on coaching development opportunities on coaching for current and prospective coaches
  • APAC provides guidance to those who enrol for coaching studies or wish to pursue ICF professional designations/accreditations.
  • APAC provides information on current coaching trends in the region and in the near future on results of research studies conducted in Asia Pacific.
  • APAC helps members develop their own circles of coaching acquaintances in the region via networking.
  • APAC helps each member to reach out to the public in the region
  • The APAC website contains the names and bios of APAC members who are coaches and who wish to have their names advertised
  • Peer Coaching Circles – this activity is organised once every 2 months where a case study is presented to interested participants in advance. During the dial-in session, questions or opinions can be raised for the case owner to respond. At all times, all participants adhere to a code of ethics.

Members who are not in the coaching profession but who may have an interest in coaching: we wish to encourage people outside of the coaching profession to become members of APAC:

  • APAC posts articles on coaching and self-development that can be of interest to members (online magazine including an archive)
  • The APAC website has a Q&A section where members can send in their queries and receive responses from professional coaches.

General Benefits to members:

  • The APAC website explains what the coaching profession is all about
  • The APAC website provides information on the proper guidelines of the profession
  • APAC now records all monthly meetings. These are available to those who missed meetings. Please  contact us for details
  • To view a list of past and upcoming speakers please click here.
  • Please download our new member information files which consist of APAC’s Constitution, our Vision, Mission, & ValuesAPAC Code of Ethics and Membership Privileges.

Access to the Website for Non-members:

  • The APAC website explains what the coaching profession is all about
  • Access to the contact details of APAC coaches
  • Access to the free resources