A Sovereign Mindset – Humanity’s Superpower

Relationship is the courageous act that evolves humanity. When you learn to liberate perceiving that makes visible what is invisible yet present, you replace history and bias with curiosity and wonder. Your most important relationship is the one with yourself, connecting internally to the essential core that is unique, removing the draw to be anyone or anything else. Doing so transcends performance and allows a sovereign mindset to emerge that engages and empowers yourself and another most fully.

Remember that fear arises as our protection for what we most love. Unconditional self-love is the ultimate expression of a sovereign mindset. When embodied, this superpower awakens, catalyzes, and energizes love. As a human being, you are hard wired to perceive and resolve threats to your security. Learning to perceive when fear is false evidence appearing real, brings you freedom to courageously challenge yourself to be sovereign in word, deed and heart.