Book of Wisdom

Explore APAC’s Pearls of Wisdom! The Asia Pacific region’s philosophies and teachings are a treasure-trove that can transform people and their lives with its profoundness. These timeless, irreplaceable insights are valuable for humankind and priceless for a coach. The multiplicity of thoughts in this book with its variety of perspectives and substantive contemplation aims to awaken your promise, provide you food for thought, steering you towards horizons that you have not yet tapped, helping you flourish no matter what walk of life you belong to.

Belinda MacInnes asserts that masterful coaching has universal application, no matter where or with whom we practice. She asserts, “Let us not do coaching as nation-states, instead, let us ensure coaching is global.”

Mark Sng invites the reader to revisit the issues of the day that impact the meaning and quality of life for each of us wherever we live and whatever our station in life.

Kartik Vyas discusses integrating aspects of yoga psychology into coaching, like 3 building blocks of our personality, 5 types of minds, 8 subconscious predispositions, 5 factors causing all human problems, resistance and immunity to change, structures of the mind, 13 obstacles to achievement and success, and more.

Catherine Ng shares the CDCA® coaching model based on her Dialectical Approach to Team Coaching that integrates the wisdom of Eastern and Western ethos. This model is popularly used by Chinese executives, and you will learn about its secrets and practical usage.

Nicholas Wai discusses the reasons for the phenomenal growth of coaches in China, examining social and cultural angles, with the worrying development trends and suggestions for healthier growth in high-quality coaches.

Siamese Wisdom by Dr. Woraphat Arthayukti is best introduced with the question, “Where does global warming come from?” to which Professor Rapee responded: “The solution is actually within easy grasp and can only be attained through the suppression of defilements such as greed. Basically, if our minds are not inflamed with defilements, then the world will not warm up.”

Dr. Anne Dolly Kuzhimadathil reminds us of our duality and the fact that no matter how compassionate and loving we are, it does not exclude us from possessing a shadow side, and we need to embrace it. The chapter not only elaborates on the power that lies within but also provides the tools to unleash it.