Coaching in the Context of Chinese Philosophy

Lao Zi’s thought is a philosophical thought about the rule of universe change. He can see the whole system in the single, see the hope in the difficulty, see the gain in the loss, do everything in the inaction, apply the law of all things to find the endless vitality, and find the right law in the balance of Yin and Yang. This kind of traditional Chinese thinking has a lot in common with the wisdom of coaching. By applying this kind of traditional philosophical thinking, coaches can see the vitality of today’s world under great changes from the perspective of systems, changes and corresponding angles. It will help coaches to help customers open up to greater awareness and create greater possibilities in any change.

In addition, many philosophical views of Lao Zi thought to coach the description of the ego state is very similar, such as Lao Zi Yin and Yang are regarded as a whole, there is no right and wrong, good or bad. There is “Empty space”, denoting the coach’s curiosity, “the best way is to act like water”, completely following and flowing.

By interpreting the wisdom of coaching in Chinese traditional thoughts, we can learn how coaches can enhance their systematic thinking of coach relationships and improve their self-coaching state.