Happiness at Work

Happiness at work is good for everyone – the employee, the team, the customer, and the organization. It may sound fluffy, but its foundations are set firmly in science and the statistics are compelling. When you put your people first, amazing things start to happen. Creativity and innovation go through the roof. Productivity goes up. Your teams become more motivated and engaged. The science is in. Creating a happy work environment has a profound impact on a company’s bottom line. So why doesn’t every company focus on creating happiness at work? There can be a lot of confusion and misinformation on what actually makes someone happy at work. That’s where we come in!

This session will look at: what happiness at work is, why happiness at work is important, the statistics behind happiness at work, the 4 areas that create happiness at work, what makes us unhappy at work and how to avoid it, and simple tools anyone can use to become happier at work.