The Power of Systemic Intelligence in Coaching

A webinar with Dr. Frances Penafort, MCC on Wednesday, 18 August 2021, 8PM – 9PM SG/HK time.

What is systemic intelligence? And how does it apply to coaching?

A system is a set of interacting or interdependent entities forming an integrated whole. In organizations, systems have a purpose, have a set of elements and have interconnections between the elements. These are factors that influence its intelligence.

When the system is able to make corrections and realign, then the energy will flow smoothly within the system (internal) and with outside elements (external). Then the system’s integrity and dynamic balance is maintained.

The coach helps leaders develop their systemic intelligence, which in turn helps them understand their systems better and rethink their own role as leaders in order to serve the whole system in the best possible way.

When we bring systemic intelligence to coaching, it’s not just another toolbox or set of coaching exercises; it is a shift in the way you coach.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  1. The Knowing Field: what it is and how the coach leverages it to raise awareness of the whole.
  2. The Crucible/Vessel: what it is and how the coach prepares it for the SI conversation.
  3. The Constellation: what it is and how the coach uses it to enable insights around “entangled energy.”

About the speaker:

Dr. Frances Penafort is an International Coaching Federation Master Certified Coach (MCC). Her coaching philosophy is to partner with leaders in a self-discovery journey so they transform and showcase their better version. She is a Board Director of the ICF Global Thought Leadership Institute, was a Board Director of the ICF Global Enterprise Board, and was a Member of the ICF Ethics Global Board. She was elected the First President of the ICF Malaysia Chapter. She currently works as an Executive Coach, a Mentor Coach, Coach Supervisor as well as facilitating an ICF Coach Certification Program. Her values of learning and growing motivated her on a continuous journey of staying abreast by gaining knowledge, and one such program was Systemic Intelligence.

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